Inspired by

Sarah Mounsey

Today we are having a chat to one of the most beautiful people I know, Sarah Mounsey… my big sister. Not only do I love her because I have to, I love her because she is actually one of the most generous, caring and genuine people you’ll ever meet.  I have adored her since day one and always looked up to her and even more so now as I’ve watched her turn into the strong and resilient woman she is today. Always held herself with such grace but there is also this underlying tough grit to her that makes you admire her even more.  She is purely stunning and the best role model I could have ever asked for. I am inspired by her daily and I’m 110% sure she’ll do the same for you.



Tell us about your little family – Hi there. I am ‘Mod’ – nickname credit to B. 34 yrs old and have been living in the Northern Territory of Aus for the past 12 months. I’ve been married for 5 years to my Bill, my one and only. The man that completes me. We have two beautiful daughters aged 4 and nearly 2 and they complete us. We have old mate Mack, a blue heeler cross who has faithfully followed us on our many travels over the last 10 years and we are simply just a slightly mental little family loving life in the tropics. 

What do you do for work – Motherhood has taken pride of place over the last 4 and a bit years since my first born and I have felt so lucky to have had the luxury of being a stay at home mum for my children. However the time does come for old mumsy to return to the workforce so I recently started studying and I have almost completed my certificate in Pilates Reformer fitness. I am slowly working towards other certifications within the Pilates spectrum as I work part time in the studio around the girls schedules. It is the best feeling to be able to pursue a career that I love that also allows me to have fun days with the girls!
How do you find the balance between family and work/study life – Tbh, the words ‘winging it’ spring to mind. With very young kids, all the day to day stuff is literally a juggling act so although I have a basic routine, I find that being flexible is the only way to find balance! Bill works very long hours so somehow we make it work and are forever helping each other get through the week. Teamwork wins.
What does the near future look like for you – Bills job has taken us thousands of kms away from our immediate family so although we miss everyone dearly, we are making the most of this opportunity and it will be a little longer until we move ‘home’. The girls have settled in well to their schools and I want to gain as much experience as I can in the studio. We adore the weather here, yep it’s ridiculously hot but who doesn’t love an endless summer? Life has thrown us a lemon and it turns out the lemonade is so refreshing!
What is your biggest achievement – Hands down. My children. My pretty little miracles. They are the meaning of life and love and just dead set amazing little humans. It is impossible to not be proud of the beautiful family we have created together and we are so blessed every day by them. As much as we teach them little things daily about life, every day they are teaching us too. How to be patient, calm, silly and easy going. As adults we have to be so serious at work and with finances and all that boring shit but kids bring back the joy and remind us that the simple things in life are what truly matter and can bring the most happiness. Omg I love those gorgeously annoying kids!



Proudest part on you resume – I spent 10 years slogging it out in the fashion industry and my proudest moment would have been working for an elite fashion house as Production Manager. It was the most challenging role I had ever undertaken having only had minimal experience for several years prior with Ricochet but by working for Cybele, I learnt so many things about myself as well as extensive technical skill. It was by far the most rewarding role on my resume and where I grew the most as a person. It actual killed me that job. Insert huge sigh of relief here. And I mean, I also have to mention my time at Karen Walker since we’re name dropping. As Stockroom/Brand Manager for one of the biggest powerhouses NZ has ever birthed I feel pretty proud to have worked for Karen and Mikhail in a head of department role. There is and always will be a special place in my heart for the fashion industry and all the assholes that kept it
Fashion now Fitness, did you see that coming – Fitness has always been a part of my life and dance actually came first at a very young age. From primary age through to my teenage years I was involved with several dance troupes as a hobby but found I didn’t have the time for it once my fashion career took hold. It has been so refreshing to reignite my love for the studio and whilst I may not have seen it coming while working with mountains of designer clothing, it has been a natural progression into an area I have always loved.
Fashion advice to share – Don’t be afraid to be yourself and always own your style and look. Confidence is the best accessory.
Fitness advice to share – Love your body enough to give it the time and fuel it needs. Respect your body enough to know its limits and recognise its full potential. Do what makes you feel amazing and do it well!
How did you pick your childrens names – I always knew I wanted daughters so the names have always floated around my head but I also knew I wanted them to be like our sisterly names. Maybe in hope that our sister love would be passed on through to their sister love. Which I think it has! So they have a similar ring to them and they also happen to be inspired by some admired fashion designers. They both have beautiful meanings and they have samoan and maori middle names which is a nod to our kiwi heritage. Thank goodness we haven’t had boys – completely blank in that name department!
The quality you value most about your husband – His love language is definitely Acts of Service and he has absolutely and wholeheartedly proved this by his incredible work ethic pre and post kids. He sacrifices himself for his family in which we are thankful to no end and totally lives up to the meaning of his name as determined guardian. He is so generous and helpful with an understated wisdom that keeps me in line. His serving attributes also make him super ocd tidy around the house which is a bonus.



What can’t you live without – Faith through prayer to help us through lifes many struggles and to achieve our impossible dreams. Our parents taught us that. And painted nails, seriously can’t survive life without painting my nails – it helps me not bite them! Damn you anxiety.
Biggest influence – Would have to be Mum and Dad. They have always worked hard and had faith in the Lord and they have instilled some very valuable characteristics in our lives growing up and as adults. We simply wouldn’t be who we are today without their love and guidance. They are rich in spirit and wisdom and they still manage to make us LOL on the regular. We love the olds!
Best advice you’ve ever received – ‘Anything is possible once you put your mind to it’ which are words that have become ingrained in my personality over the years. It is such a positive quote that has no space for doubt but plenty of room for imagination. It can be the first thought process for the start of a huge project or simply prying yourself out of bed in the morning. It is a state of optimism that I try to maintain on a daily basis and has been key to achieving so many of my goals and will continue to do so!

Best advice to share – Try to be the best version of yourself everyday and love your neighbour.  Please share the love. xoxo.