Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

T and I have been working so hard on Collect and Conquer lately.

Everyone says it’s the beginning that is the hardest, it’s when you put in so many hard yards that often consist of late nights and early starts.. yup, we are feeling that.

It’s so thrilling though, this beginning stage is full on and feels very overwhelming most of the time but it is also super exciting. We are constantly thinking about Collect and Conquer, brainstorming, creating new content and are so pumped to see where this all goes and what it turns into.

T has been a busy bee working hard on new graphics and we are working on some fun collaborations.

Seriously, stay tuned we are hard at work creating cool stuff for you all!


Sending love xxx

T, B & P

T, B & P

Talofa and Kia ora we are T, B & P. Kiwi’s living in Australia and LOVING it! Just everyday peeps dreaming of the day when we don’t have to do the daily grind for someone else and we can just be our own boss.

T, a trusty tradie who is the hardest worker I have ever met, always thinking of what our future holds and putting in the hard yards to get us there.

B, an admin gal with a background in fashion and I am a strong believer that this life is only a teaser of what eternity holds.

P, our giant rottweiler puppy who is the biggest sook you will ever meet but we are completely besotted with him.

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