Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

T and I have been working so hard on Collect and Conquer lately.

Everyone says it’s the beginning that is the hardest, it’s when you put in so many hard yards that often consist of late nights and early starts.. yup, we are feeling that.

It’s so thrilling though, this beginning stage is full on and feels very overwhelming most of the time but it is also super exciting. We are constantly thinking about Collect and Conquer, brainstorming, creating new content and are so pumped to see where this all goes and what it turns into.

T has been a busy bee working hard on new graphics and we are working on some fun collaborations.

Seriously, stay tuned we are hard at work creating cool stuff for you all!


Sending love xxx

Week 1 & 2

Ok so it’s been two weeks since we set out on our Wellness challenge and…… well we haven’t been doing too badly. We’ve been eating pretty well and resisting those tempting treats (most of the time), there may have been a couple relapses where I forgot that chocolate and chips don’t rule my life but other than that we’ve been eating healthy and definitely feeling better for it.

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Winter got me like…


Winter ’17 has seriously kicked my butt, not only have I been sick a few more times than usual but I have also lost my gym mojo. Our eating habbits have been so bad and consisted of junk food, chocolate and chips. Both T and I have just been feeling like absolute crap. So crazy how eating well and moving your body regularly affects your everyday state of mind and just makes you feel so good. When you’re used to feeling ‘healthy’ you notice straight away when you’re choices of food have strayed you off the straight and narrow!

But thanks goodness for P because he needs two walks a day, so we are still doing something active – if we weren’t doing that I’d hate to imagine how yuck we’d be feeling.

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Meet the Sellwood’s

IMG_5092 copy

‘T’ is for Tom, ‘B’ is for Becky and ‘P’ is for Prince. We are the Sellwood’s and are very happy to meet you.  Since we are the new kids on the block here are 10 facts about us.
1. We have been happily married for just over three years. Peeps often get very surprised
when we tell them how long we’ve been together because we look like we’re in our early
twenties…. But really, I’m 31 and T’s 28 (yes that’s right, I’m older).
2. Our lives currently consist of working on our house most weekends. We bought our very first home just over a year ago and have been chipping away at the reno’s. Tom is a dab hand at all that stuff so I’m a lucky gal!


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Inspired by…… Sarah Mounsey

Today we are having a chat to one of the most beautiful people I know, Sarah Mounsey… my big sister. Not only do I love her because I have to, I love her because she is actually one of the most generous, caring and genuine people you’ll ever meet.  I have adored her since day one and always looked up to her and even more so now as I’ve watched her turn into the strong and resilient woman she is today. Always held herself with such grace but there is also this underlying tough grit to her that makes you admire her even more.  She is purely stunning and the best role model I could have ever asked for. I am inspired by her daily and I’m 110% sure she’ll do the same for you!


Tell us about your little family – Hi there. I am ‘Mod’ – nickname credit to B. 34 yrs old and have been living in the Northern Territory of Aus for the past 12 months. I’ve been married for 5 years to my Bill, my one and only. The man that completes me. We have two beautiful daughters aged 4 and nearly 2 and they complete us. We have old mate Mack, a blue heeler cross who has faithfully followed us on our many travels over the last 10 years and we are simply just a slightly mental little family loving life in the tropics.

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C&C Wall Art


Who else out there struggles to find cool wall art?!  US!!!  No, I’m not after something full of crazy colour on a canvas or some huge deer head.  I just want something that is going to make a statement but in a subtle yet strong way.

We too have had this very same issue, so Collect & Conquer has been creating new and unique wall art.  A collaboration of street/hip hop, photography and pop art.  A mixture of flavours that you’ll love and that you can frame in whichever way you want.

T, my creative husband has been putting his artistic flair to good use and has created all these pieces and currently working on more.



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